About Me

Recently, I've been asked many questions from some awesome fans:
 "What is this site FOUR?" Ryan Higa
 "Why not Microsoft?" Bill Gates
 "Who is GDS?" Anonymous Blogger
 "This 'GDS' kid is a legend." Steve Jobs
 "IT'S FRIDAY..............the 13th  :(" Rebecca Black

Well, except for those last couple - and a few at the top - I have been asked all these questions, so I am going end your misery and answer them right now.


Who is GDS?
As you should have already figured out, GDS isn't my real name (surprise?). I do actually have a name (which you can find fairly easily if you try) and I am currently living in Australia, as I have my whole life. Being 15, I don't have a lot of time on my hands to burn, so I see the whole 'blog' thing as a background hobby that I take up when I don't have anything on my agenda.

I have just finished my final exams for 12th grade, and I aspire to work for NASA and Apple at different points in my life, and hope to be a successful entrepreneur by the time I hit 25. I have designed this website as minimalistic as I possibly can, for I believe that a poorly designed website, isn't a website at all. If you want to get to know more about me, click the "Contact" flap on the top right of this page and send me an email!